We often meet other backcountry campers on our backpacking and canoeing trips and many times the discussion ends up turning to talk about trail food. Because we go into the backcountry for more than just weekend trips, people end up asking a few questions and one of the most frequent questions we get about backcountry cooking is...

"How do you deal with food on your backcountry
backpacking and paddling trips?"

It was with that in mind that I set out to learn as much as I could about wilderness cooking so I could pass along the information to my readers.

This is not just another ordinary backcountry cooking website. While you will find some of my own recipes here, many have been contributed by others who are avid backpackers, canoeists, kayakers and campers. Because each of us has our own backcountry cooking style, ideas and inspirations, that diversity will be reflected in the articles and trail recipes.

This site was created under the premise that backpacking food does not need to be boring nor does it have to be difficult to make. Lightweight, hearty and tasty backpacking meals are at the heart of this project—simply delicious trail food that will make your trips even more enjoyable.

In the coming months I will be making this the most comprehensive backcountry cooking resource of its kind. I will be adding articles, reviews, and a discussion forum to create an online community where recipes for trail food and ideas for the backcountry kitchen can be shared.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions or you would like your trail recipe featured on the website.


what's new...

I had so much fun writing about trail cooking that I've worked with Wilderness Press and Touchwood Editions to bring you a sequel to A Fork in the Trail. The first in my trail cookbook series has a wide variety of vegetarian options, however, Another Fork in the Trail is comprised entirely of vegetarian and vegan recipes with gluten-free options for backpacking and paddling adventures.

Another Fork in the Trail hit shelves in Spring 2011. Please visit www.aforkinthetrail.com for more information about both of my cookbooks, reader comments, media coverage, and appearances.

In the meantime I leave you with this...

May your trips be adventurous and your trail food delicious!


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