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Laurie Ann and Bryan

Laurie Ann is an author, designer and photographer as well as a mom. A few of her recipes have been featured in Backpacker Magazine, Ottawa Outdoors, The Calgary Herald, Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin', GetOut!, WestJet's Up Magazine, Seattle Backpackers Magazine and The Joy of Backpacking. In Fall 2011 two of her recipes will appear in Women's Adventure.

Laurie's own backcountry cookbooks, A Fork in the Trail and Another Fork in the Trail are published by Wilderness Press in the USA and Touchwood Editions in Canada.

"I'm an avid backpacker, canoeist, wilderness cook and the mother of two wonderful children. I love to cook and to experiment with recipes, new ingredients and techniques. I also love the challenge of cooking in the wilderness and preparing delicious meals for our backcountry adventures. I've even been known to make baked brie in pastry on a backpacking trip, although you won't find that bit of gourmet cooking in my books. You could safely say I am obsessed with backcountry cooking and cooking in general. I prefer to look at it as my passion rather than an obsession."

It is this passion along with my love of teaching others about trail food that brought about the idea to create this site and write two comprehensive guides on the subject of trail cooking."

- Laurie Ann    

Bryan is a service and applications engineer and in his spare time he is a photographer and gear reviewer.

"Some have said that I am as obsessed with backpacking gear as Laurie is with cooking in the backcountry. There could be some truth in that. Perhaps this is why I do so much of the gear testing for Wilderness Cooking and Outdoor Adventure Canada. My technical background and experience in the aerospace and automotive industries is extremely helpful when putting backcountry kitchen gear through the rigors.

It seems that I have also become the official trail food taste tester around this place. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!"

- Bryan    

The March family lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada near the Grand River and the Trans-Canada Trail.

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