A Fork in the Trail

Because A Fork in the Trail is my own book I couldn't very well review it myself. Instead I have posted three reviews. The first is from Roger D. Bull of the Canadian Museum of Nature and was sent to me via email. Roger and the CMN granted permission for my to publish his kind words, both here and on the back of my second book, Another Fork in the Trail.

The second is from Erika Klimecky and it appeared in the Washington Trails Magazine published by the Washington Trails Association. Erika has since asked me to write a column for Seattle Backpackers Magazine.

The third is from fellow cookbook author, Christine Conners. I was a contributor to her second book.

If you would like to read more of what people are saying about my trail recipes, please visit the Reader Comments page on the website for the books.


"I am very excited to read about the upcoming release of Another Fork in the Trail. Your first book was hugely useful to me last year [2009] as I was preparing the food for a month-long canoe trip in the Northwest Territories. I was one of a team of six people both from the Canadian Museum of Nature and Parks Canada. We were conducting a botanical survey of Tuktuk Nogait National Park. It was a dream of a trip and your recipes kept us happy and energetic. Thank you!"


"When I received the book, my mouth began watering from the moment I spied the cover. I immediately opened it and pored over page after page of creative and unique recipes, trying in vain to narrow it down to "several" to make.

The recipes are healthy, balanced and useful for hiking and backpacking, but convert easily for home cooking as well. The instructions are explicit so you can modify based on your needs. There is a section on dehydrating foods, wilderness cooking and menu planning in the wilds. There are markers for vegetarian dishes and very lightweight dishes to suit backpackers perfectly. Dehydration time, serving size, 'At Home' and 'At Camp' instructions make it easy to prep, pack and plan each meal."

An excerpt from the June 2008 issue of the Washington Trails Magazine
©2008 Erika Klimecky and the Washington Trails Association
use without the author's written permission is prohibited.


"Tim and I spent over a week canoeing with Laurie and her husband in the Algonquin wilderness and let me just say that Laurie's backcountry cooking was incredible! We loved it so much in fact that we encouraged her to write her own outdoor cookbook. Tim and I have written three outdoor cookbooks ourselves, so we don't take that recommendation lightly.

Like the Algonquin wilderness, Laurie's book is beautiful. The colors and the graphics have a calming affect on the spirit. She presents special icons to help readers quickly identify recipes that are lightweight and/or vegetarian. The layout is clean and easy to read. She even has a special section for children and dogs! This book is a must-have for backpackers and canoeists alike."

©2008 Christine Conners (author of Lipsmackin' Backpackin', Lipsmackin'
Vegetarian Backpackin'
and The Scout Outdoor Cookbook)
use without the author's written permission is prohibited.

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