Chef in Your Backpack

Nicole Basset has based Chef in Your Backpack on the premise that camp food need not be tasteless and unappetizing. I definitely concur!

From that, stems over 100 recipes that are indeed appetizing. Most recipes call for fresh ingredients and have a "prepare at home" component with instructions on how to finalize the meal while on the trail. Throughout the book, the author has included very practical hints and tips on food packing and preparation, alternate ways to prepare some of the recipes and even some good-old hiking common sense.

In her introduction, she explains that these recipes are based on hiking or camping trips that range from a few hours to a weekend outing. One needs to keep that in mind when planning a menu for a longer trip, as many of the recipes will add both weight and bulk to the food bag that would make it unwieldy for longer trips.

She also explains and encourages the use of re-sealable zipper freezer bags for most of her recipes and encourages her readers to pack out any tin cans they bring. Please note that in many Provincial and National Parks, tin cans and glass are prohibited, so plan ahead and enjoy what can truly be called gourmet backpacking.

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