When I first started getting involved in backpacking and canoeing adventures I never expected that I would become a wilderness cooking instructor and author.

I remember those first trips and thinking to myself, "there has to be a better way to deal with food in the backcountry". So I set out to learn everything I could about wilderness cooking.

In talking with other outdoor adventure enthusiasts I realized that many had the same question surrounding how to make delicious meals, with ease, on wilderness trips. It was with that in mind and a passion for great ingredients that I started writing this backcountry cookbook.

A Fork in the Trail was my first wilderness cookbook. It was released in January 2008. My second book, Another Fork in the Trail, was released in May 2011. While A Fork in the Trail has a wide variety of vegetarian options, Another Fork in the Trail is comprised entirely of vegetarian and vegan recipes with gluten-free options to enhance your trail cooking.

You can find more information about my backcountry cookbooks at www.aforkinthetrail.com.

Some of my recipes, along with those submitted by other wilderness cooks, can be found in the recipes section of the site you are currently on and on the trail cookbook's website.

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