Wilderness Cuisine

Carole Latimer has been cooking for clients of her hiking business, Call of the Wild, for many years and she is adept at creating great meals in the backcountry.

I read the book through and tried many of the recipes. The fare in this book is delicious. Some I have even used at home for entertaining. The Pasta with Andouille and Fried Sage was very simple yet flavorful and I loved the Thai Tom Yum.

There is also some great general information on drying foods and a small section of recipes that require the use of a food dehydrator. This book has a good amount of introductory information to help you become well-versed in the logistics of wilderness cooking. Latimer covers everything from nutrition to meal planning for groups.

Because this is an older book a few of the stove models and some of the sources are out of date but other than that this is a great resource if you want to take a bit of a gourmet approach to your trail food.

Many of the recipes use fresh ingredients and require a cooler so this book isn't for those with an ultra light backpacking style or for those going on a two week trip. That said, the recipes are delicious and for shorter trips Wilderness Cuisine certainly has its' valued place in the outdoor cook's library.

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